Another friend is leaving us – RIP Stefano Paron


I want to remember you like that: with your intense and beautiful smile, with your unique way of cheering people up, coming out from your brand new BMW Z3 and waving at me.
I will never forget the time we spent between 2001 and 2003 at your Karaoke Bar (La Bottega degli Artisti) when after the closing we drove around Corso Como hunting for girls like two starving wolves.
You were always brilliant and generous, very generous, maybe too generous..
I want to imagine that even from up there you’re still cruising with your flaming convertible over the clouds and having fun together with all the other loved ones who have passed to better life.
I love you man.

Demythifying the business-IDEA

This is for every idiot who still thinks that in modern society a business-idea is the main factor that drives a start-up: every idiot who’s wasting time trying to shrink his brain in order to find a magical idea as a sole platform for launching a new business model and yet for every idiot who is afraid to talk or post about his idea because somebody could steal it. These are some considerations:
- When you have an idea, most probably there are at least 10 different teams in the world that are working hard at something quite similar.
- The idea accounts between 1% to 10% of your business, the remaining is composed by execution and luck.
- Even if someone uses the very same idea, it shouldn’t be a problem as the one who will succeed will be the one who will work harder on it (it should be you, otherwise you are better off changing idea again and do something that pushes you to work even harder)
- When you publish an idea, people will probably mark it as nonsense, rather than steal it from you. If everybody would think that your idea is awesome, there would be at least 20 business already live and making money with it.
- When you publish an idea, you’ll earn more from the feedback that you will receive, rather not going live for being for fearing to have your idea stolen.
- If you share your idea online, people first thoughts won’t be about stealing it since any wannabe entrepreneur has at least another 5 ideas which they consider better than yours just because they thought of it.
Business ideas are worthless today, especially when they are not followed by any action.

Kurt is back… on TEDx

Can the financial crisis affect you?

I was never interested in economy and I have very limited knowledge on the matter; even as today nothing much has changed, I still dislike pragmatical discussions: I would rather spend all day at a cafe talking about ideals, ideas, art, philosophy and women. Unfortunately, no matter how inexpensive it is to sit on a chair and wonder, I still need to generate (some) money.
My only (empirical) approach to the subject began in 2007 when I was pushed by circumstances to be more concerned in regards of managing personal finances: I initiated my studies online on a website called, learning terminology and basic operational stuff; I trained a bit on an online simulator, a very useful tool for learning how to invest. To cut it short, at some point in 2008 I started a tiny trading portfolio which is now returning around 25% of my capital annually. My little financial literacy was indeed made with related and selected market news, some short readings online, basic historical knowledge and the good old common sense. Please understand that this is just my very personal point of (over)view and not a technical lesson. Do not take my words too literally; take cues from [Read more...]

I shed a tear for MSN

I will always remember the days when I had more than 300 contacts on my MSN bar, when I was chatting with almost 10 persons at the same time and when it all became so crowded that I started to organize my contacts in folders by country of origin. I will never forget those multiple conversations with my friends all around the world, when I laughed, cried and typed until 3 o’clock in the morning. God knows how much I’ve typed, since 2002 I’ve logged about 8 long years of chats (over 160 Megabytes of text) and 834 users. On top of my list I found the logs of Curzio (9.31 MB), Crazy Marcy (8.79 MB) and Laura (8.10 MB).
It’s sad to read again conversations and recall times that are long gone, I feel like, that “me” of the past lives in me today while somehow another part is still back there, stuck in that conversation history xml file, trapped in that time frame forever.
I’ve never made it to meet everybody in person, a lot were just virtual friends, but we shared very intimate details and stories; in the end they turned out to be more supportive and participating than most of my so called “real friends”…
Then, very slowly and without even realizing much of what was going on, we started to chat less and less to the point that we got lost, perhaps we got entangled in the net of reality, we moved on, we became busy and probably we started to use different means of communication, until one day I found myself contemplating the harrowing silence. Where did everyone go? I miss the usual MSN jam.
Lately I wrote directly to a bunch of contacts but their old hotmail/msn email was no longer active. Now I wish I could meet some of them one day, so if you are reading this my dear MSN buddy, please drop me a line!
Thanks for all the conversations, Microsoft Messenger. I shed a tear for you and my lost friends. Goodbye!

The weird note

Around October 2012 I was dating a girl in Florence, we were dining at a traditional local restaurant and I was totally immersed in the conversation, animatedly discussing about our goals and dreams when I suddenly notice the presence of lady in her late fifties standing at the side of our table: I slowly raise my neck and look up at this person popping up from nowhere. She’s looking straight but calmly into my eyes while firmly handing me a folded note. Nevertheless the weather was still warm, she was wearing a gray long coat, her hair were long, mostly dark and grey, her face was slightly tanned with a couple of expressive wrinkles.. so I initially refuse to take the note, guessing that she was one of those beggars who are leaving cards at tables with biblical phrases of compassion, hoping to get a tip from the customers. I look around me to see what other people are doing or if they’re watching and at the same time the old lady steps even more forward while emboldening the action of passing me that small paper. She insists, but at that point my mouth opens a bit in as If I wanted to start saying something, however nothing comes out, I couldn’t understand what was going on. She decisively swats that paper down on the table near my tissue, then she taps two or three times with a dry sound over it and walks away. By the time I open the note and realize that it is written in English and it is a message for me, I turn around and stand up looking for her seriously astonished, however she’s gone, disappeared from the restaurant and the small road outside.
After having read the short message, being caught in a sort of esoteric atmosphere, I start feeling slightly anxious and find myself wondering: 1) How did the lady find out that I could speak English? As she wasn’t sitting nearby, did she read our lips by the glass, from outside? 2) How did she know that the female dining with me and I were dating? We could have just been simply a couple on their 5th anniversary. 3) How did she know I was “testing” my date.
I then thought that through and answered all of my doubts analytically together with my partner. In the end, under a certain light the content is quite banal, and it could be easily applied to lots of people and situations. There is nothing really specific and personal inside, not enough to fully call it paranormal. Of course there are still couple of “inexplicable” things yet, but I am damn sure that not knowing the answer does not mean that there is not a logical explanation at the bottom.

The hedgehog

There is also a story behind every inanimate object, a bubble made of emotional adventures, built with time and values.

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Vasectomy – A very short documentary by me

[blockquote cite="Les U. Knight - President"]Surely this is the most moving film adaptation of the Why Breed? chart yet. Wtg [way to go] Italian guy and Les.[/blockquote]

Total rebuild – part 1 – Vasectomy

Today I’ve been awarded with a golden-snip certificate for being reproductive responsible. Indeed for the modest sum of 350€ and 10 minutes of a simple procedure called vasectomy, an expert urologist has just saved me from a nightmare and 300.000€. Yes indeed that would have been the average cost of raising an unwanted child.
There are already too many words spent over why NOT having a kid, therefore I’ve decided to put together a series of images (I’m talking about a short copy-and-paste documentary that I am about to finish…) that should help you re-evaluating your position and perhaps decide to be sterilized too. After all, we already know that a third-world always starts out of blind and selfish reproduction along with a noticeable amount of ignorance.